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Vail hosts many events throughout the year. Festivals, celebrations, and competitions thrive in this scenic mountain town. Events hosted by local groups and people can be found on the Vail Calendar here.

Vail Facts:

  • The three most-visited ski resorts in the America’s are: No. 1 Vail Mountain, No. 2 Breckenridge Ski Resort, No. 3 Keystone Resort.

  • Colorado is home to 53 peaks that rise 14,000 feet or higher – these mountains are dubbed 14er’s. 

  • Reba Ridge ski trail is one of the longest ski runs in North America (4 miles long).

  • The ideal skiing terrain was “discovered” by the 10th Mountain Division during WWII. They were the division training for alpine winter warfare. One of the members later became a key proponent and founder of the resort.

BRECKENRIDGE OFFICIAL EVENTS: Breckenridge has an exceptional atmosphere for events. Major Events hosted by the city can be found here. A smaller events calendar can be found on this website.

Breckenridge Facts:

  • Breckenridge was founded in 1859 by a small group of prospectors who struck it rich when they discovered gold along the Blue River.

  • The town of Breckenridge is only 7 miles long and 2 miles wide, yet it’s currently home to 76 restaurants and bars.

  • Try riding on the highest one in North America – 12,840 feet. You can at Breckenridge, just jump on the Imperial Express chairlift. Imagine the views…

  • Breckenridge became Colorado’s first major resort to allow snowboarding in 1984.

  • More than 1.5 million people come to Breckenridge to ski each year. Another 1.5 come to enjoy the summer activities.


What Counts as a Cultural Activity?

A lot of things.... See some examples below:

1. Get coworkers/friends together and organize activities like board games, card games, or movie night

2. Play or watch a new sport

3. Learn about American culture and/or history by visiting museums and historic sites

4. Organize a BBQ and share traditional foods together

5. Go sightseeing, hiking, or take a day trip - visit a new city and/or a national park 


6. Enjoy various types of American cuisine

7. Attend an American sport event

8. Attend a Holiday Parade during American Holidays - President's Day, St Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day etc.

9. Attend local community events - library events, community center events, arts and crafts fairs

10. Enjoy a ride in an amusement park


11. Attend a music festival


12. Go to the theater or a comedy show


14. Volunteer for a great cause

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